Secrets to Incorporating Your Gymnastics Team as a Non-Profit Organization Yourself e-Book

How to incorporate your team as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization

This e-Book uses Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and Adobe .pdf File Formats

This special report describes the entire specific process for incorporating your gymnastics team as a non-profit amateur sports organization and qualifying as a non-profit charitable organization. It also provides an incredible amount of information about how to manage, fund and run your gymnastics non-profit organization once you set it up.

You are purchasing a 30 page e-Book in Microsoft Word document format (and with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Adobe Reader .pdf files) describing exactly how to incorporate as a non-profit organization. Also included are 12 Folders packed with more than 125 pages of information, filing forms, filing samples and information.

Almost Any Group Can Incorporate as a Non-Profit Charitable Organization Following the Directions in this e-Book

Some large non-profit organizations may feel the need to use the services of lawyers and getting legal opinions is something we can’t recommend against, but this system has been used to successfully incorporate numerous gymnastics non-profits. There are very few, if any, lawyers who have incorporated more gymnastics non-profits and there are some gymnastics and amateur sports topics which an average lawyer may not be as familiar with.

Non-Profit Folders Include:

  1. Obtaining Non-Profit Status
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. ByLaws
  4. Budget Items
  5. Grant writing
  6. Hosting Meets
  7. Incorporating
  8. Non Profit Topics
  9. Programs
  10. PSAs
  11. Schedules
  12. Working Committees

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Incorporate

You get the latest step by step guide to incorporating your non-profit with both your state and the IRS. Know exactly how to fill out each form to get approved. Information on what to avoid so your application does not get denied.

Samples for All Aspects of Managing a Gymnastics Nonprofit Organization

We provide sample information for all aspects of running your non-profit organization based on 30 years of research and experience.

Your Investment Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will find all the information you need to incorporate your own non-profit gymnastics organization.

New Ideas for Every Non-Profit Organization

No matter how many years you have been dealing with non-profits, you will likely find new ideas.

Ideal for Small Non-Profit Organizations

Small non-profit gyms or non-profit organizations, even in rural areas, will find this e-Book gives you plenty of useful information to incorporate and run your organization

Large Non-Profit Organizations Will Want This Information, Also

Most of the ideas in this e-Book are ideally suited for large non-profit organizations as well. Large organizations will find it even easier to utilize these programs to build a strong team non-profit organization.

Applies Equally Well to Any Non-Profit or Amateur Sports Organization

This report applies equally well to dance schools, cheer gyms, martial arts schools – any amateur youth sports program. It will apply equally well to any other type of non-profit organization as well.

You Must Have Microsoft Word and Excel to Read This Report

Our fundraising e-Book is currently available ONLY FOR USE WITH MICROSOFT WORD and EXCEL (any version Word/Excel 97 through 2006+). YOU MUST HAVE THE MICROSOFT WORD and EXCEL TO BE ABLE TO READ THIS REPORT. You will also need to have some version of Adobe Reader to read the .pdf files.

The Benefits of Over 25 Years of Fundraising Experience

We have spent over twenty five years collecting and building this list of fundraisers. We are certain that there is not a more complete fundraising list available anywhere. This is a good investment because you will earn your investment back within a week of implementing any one of these fundraising programs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have absolutely nothing to lose by buying. Our products are backed by a 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee. The amount you pay for the program will be refunded to you if you are not 100% satisfied with the program. Let’s face it – we’re not worried about returns. We know the quality of our information and everyone not only wants to keep this e-Book, but most come back and buy the next level year after year. We’ve been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have taken us up on it and most of those just didn’t read our ad (they thought it was a video) If you have the desire and motivation to succeed – and you’re willing to prove it by investing in your success through this e-Book package, we are willing to take all the risk with our 100% money-back guarantee which lets you try this program essentially risk-free.

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