Overcome Gymnastics Fear

Check All That Apply:
-Has your gymnast “lost” their round-off back handspring and or “lost” other back tumbling, beam or gymnastics skills?
-Is your gymnast afraid of back tumbling or other gymnastics skills?
-Is your gymnast not doing not doing the same skills they were last year because they are afraid?
-Are you paying a lot of money every month and your gymnast is not making any progress because of fear?
-Are you and your gymnast frustrated by their inability to do skills they previously did for months and years?
-Is nothing that you or your gymnast’s coach able to get your gymnast to overcome her fear?
-Has this fear been going for months or years now?
-Is the fear of back tumbling starting to spread to other events like beam and bars?
-Is your gymnast’s coach showing signs of impatience and frustration and starting to spend less and less time and effort with your gymnast?

Why Hasn’t This Problem Been Solved?

Coaches are not able to fix this problem because it is not a gymnastics skill or training problem. It is a psychological problem residing deep in the subconscious.

When gymnasts are unable to overcome their fear of skills they have previously done successfully for months and, perhaps even years, it means the fear of doing the skill is now rooted deep in the subconscious mind. At his point, the fear is almost completely resistant to rational logical thinking, promised external threats or rewards, and standard coaching methods.

Normal coaching methods and the normal motivations that parents or coaches try to use to deal with this are ineffective because the problem is locked into the subconscious. The cause of the problem may or may not be obvious (a serious injury received while doing the skill would be an obvious cause). Sometimes there is no cause of any kind that the gymnast, coach or parent can discern.

It is sometimes possible when coaches patiently spot the skill over and over every day for several months to two to three years, that the fear can eventually go away. In this case there is always the possibility that the fear will return. Most gymnasts, parents and coaches are not this patient and without intervention, the gymnast almost always quits the sport frustrated regardless of their former skills and abilities.

When coaches or parents are impatient, demanding or threatening, this additional stress and the extra anxiety it causes only aggravate the fear problem.

What Is the Solution?

What those of you in this problem situation want and need is something that will quickly, effectively and permanently erase the fear and get your gymnast back to tumbling, doing whatever skills they have been having trouble with and start progressing through the sport again.

For gymnasts, the fear and frustration will disappear and their old skills will return along with their confidence.

For parents, you will again be able to watch your gymnast progress through the sport.

After years of studying this problem and experimenting with a variety of potential solutions, we have finally discovered and developed a solution that works and that we can deliver anywhere in the United States.

Hypnosis is the only efficient and powerful enough method to change the subconscious and eliminate the fears that interfere with gymnasts reaching their goals. Hypnosis communicates directly with the subconscious and with the correct hypnosis methods can remove the causes of fear, reframe their mental attitude and automatically put gymnasts in the right frame of mind to perform whatever skills they were having problems with.

This is not old style hypnosis, using boringly long inductions and adapting flowery scripts from some other problem to a gymnastics problem traditional hypnotists don’t understand at all. This is a direct powerful hypnosis model devised by the author of this web site who has 25 years of experience with both gymnastics and hypnosis.

The hypnosis method is strong and effective and the hypnosis sessions can be done over the phone making them accessible for anyone in the United States. No one else is offering or able to offer this made for gymnastics hypnotic method because they certainly don’t have the same depth of gymnastics knowledge necessary and may not even have a strong enough hypnosis model.

This method has been tested and refined over thousands of sessions and successfully used on hundreds of gymnasts over a 15 year period.


This is a mental engineering system to overcome the most common tumbling fear that works to overcome the fear doing back handsprings or any other gymnastics fear or fears.

Cure Fear of Back Tumbling

After the fear of back handsprings, the fear of doing other back tumbling, like fear of back somersaults is the next most common gymnastics fear problem.

Beam Series Fear Cure

The most common gymnastics fear on beam is the fear of doing a beam back tumbling series – fear of back handspring, back handspring series, fear of back walkovers, fear of back handsprings or fear of back walkover, back handspring series. Often back tumbling fear can spread from floor to beam or vice versa.

Recent Testimonials

Update on Jump to Bar Fear

I just wanted to give you an update on our daughter. She has been using your Fear Cure system for about a month and a half now, and you spoke with her a few weeks ago to give her tips for conscious mind techniques (she was the girl who hardly spoke but remembered everything you said :)). She had a meet this past Sunday and not only competed on bars, but got first place on them and second all-around! I wanted to thank you for your product and assistance with her. She was so excited and proud of herself! Now that we seem to be over the fear of a skill she has performed in the past, we are going to have her listen to some of the courage resources from version 2.0. We are trying to do what we can to give her more self confidence (especially on beam) and let her coaches hone her skills. We hope that getting over this bar jumping fear will help her be as good as we think she can be.
Thanks again,


Only Event She Didn’t Win was the One on Which She Had No Fear Cured

Since you have been so helpful to us this year, I wanted to let you know about Ann’s final meet – the State Meet. She came in first All Around and won three individual 1st places! It was truly amazing. Not too long ago, she would not tumble, would not do her beam pass – nothing. This turn around has been amazing. I have no doubt it is a combination of her determination and your program. She listens every night, even bringing you with us when we travel. Today was a wonderful day. She just told me she cannot wait to see how far she can go with gymnastics. I hope you can share in a little girl’s success.

Thank You!


No Fear

Overcome Any and All Gymnastics Fears

This Gymnastics Cure Fear system is designed to cure any and all other gymnastics skill fears, including fear of bar skills like fear of flyaways, fear of jumping to the high bar, fear of giants, fear of vaulting, etc.

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Retail Price: $1809.99

On Sale for only $377!

This mental training program is delivered Immediately.
Start overcoming your gymnastics fear today…


Retail Price: $1809.99
On Sale for only $377!

By Now You Know you Need This Program Immediately.
Start overcoming your gymnastics fear today…

All major credit cards are accepted
60 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

A 60 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy
just let me know within 60 days…
And I will promptly refund all your money.
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For Gymnasts…

  • Are you frustrated because you can’t do skills you have easily done before?
  • Is fear interfering with your ability to progress and have fun in the sport?
  • Are you unable to compete to the best of your ability because you are held back by fear?
  • Did you have or see an accident that is making you scared to do certain skills?
  • Is your fear interfering with your competition success?
  • Is the problem spreading and getting worse and worse?
  • Don’t worry, there is a solution to your fear problem!

For Coaches…

  • Do you know a gymnast who freezes from fear?
  • Do you know a gymnast who used to tumble great and now has a fear of tumbling or other gymnastics skills?
  • Does it seem like nothing you do works to overcome the fear problem?
  • Is there a gymnast you now have to spot way too much because they are fearful?
  • Is fear interfering with your gymnastics team’s success?
  • The solution is now here. Recommend this program to your fearful gymnast and their parents.

For Parents…

  • Are you paying a lot of money every month for a gymnast who freezes or balks on certain gymnastics skills?
  • Is fear ruining your gymnast’s competition career?
  • Are you spending hundreds of dollars every month for gymnastics training and competitions but your gymnast is unable to do certain skills and compete successfully?
  • Does it seem like nothing the coaches or your gymnast does improves the fear problem?
  • Are you ready to quit wasting your money every month and solve this problem, once and for all?

Sport Psychology and Hypnosis Amazing Secret Fear Cure

You’ve just stumbled upon the only proven, hypnotic method for curing fear in gymnastics. It took tens of thousands of dollars (over $100,000 over the last ten years), over 15 years of research and thousands of hours of gymnastics hypnotherapy session testing, to develop this program. It took months to plan, write, record, edit, mix and perform all of the technical editing to create the hypnosis audio system you purchase now.

This systematic hypnotic method is so powerful, so comprehensive and so unique that it dwarfs all previous gymnastics related hypnotic efforts. Yet it is so recently completed that you may not have yet heard of it, but soon gymnasts from all around the world will be using it, just like thousands of gymnasts, parents and coaches from all over the planet have already read GymnasticsZone’s gymnastics books.


To do that, weI had to include, in the Cure Gymnastics Fear System all of the most powerful and successful technical hypnotic techniques and strategies, the latest hypnosis technology, neuro-linguistic programming and a new comprehensive hypnotic system. we have included only the techniques and strategies that have already been proven to work in my personal research.

This Cure Gymnastics Fear hypnotic system by GymnasticsZone allows parents and gymnasts all around the country and world to be able to use this system.

Who Can Use This Program?

The Gymnastics Cure Fear System is designed to cure gymnasts who have become afraid to do skills they previously did easily. One of the most common examples of this problem is gymnasts who have become fearful of doing back tumbling, like round-off back handsprings on floor exercise even though they had been successfully doing them for years.

Commonly the Gymnasts who Seek our Help have:

  • Fear of doing round-off back handsprings
  • Fear of doing round-off back handspring, back somersaults (of any type)
  • Fear of back walkovers on beam
  • Fear of back handsprings on beam
  • Fear of back tumbling series on beam
  • Fear of flyaways on bars
  • Fear from having had a fall on tumbling, bars, beam or vault
  • Fear from seeing someone else fall
  • Generalized fear of skills with unknown origin

While the most common gymnastics fears are back tumbling on floor exercise, back tumbling on beam and flyaways on bars, this program is designed to work on fear of any skill or skills on any event.

This product is designed to help gymnasts overcome a fear of a skill they have already previously done for a significant period of time. It is NOT designed, safe or guaranteed for gymnasts who are trying to learn, or are afraid of learning new gymnastics or tumbling skills.
This product will make gymnasts overcome their fear, and it may not be safe for gymnasts, just learning new skills to be totally fearless, as their newly implanted confidence may exceed their learning capacity. So this program is not designed to be used for gymnasts afraid to do skills they have not yet learned, or are not physically and mentally prepared to do yet.
As a further safety precaution, all gymnasts using this program should test the results of this program, practice and compete ONLY while supervised by professional gymnastics coaches in fully equipped gymnastics facilities. Gymnasts, using the program, should completely follow the instructions of their professional coaches as to what skills they are ready to attempt on their own and when.

What Happens When You Use this Cure Fear System?

Gymnastics skill and tumbling success is achieved. Gymnasts again become able to do the former problem skills without balking in both practice and competition. The program removes the fear or reduces it to such a low level that it allows gymnasts to successfully return to their previous performance and skill level.

Can You Fix this Gymnastics Fear Problem?

Fixing the negative mental gymnastics fear mind problem with hypnosis and our other techniques usually is straightforward, and occasionally somewhat more complicated, but the problem can definitely be fixed, if gymnasts and parent follow all of our instructions.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence – Nikola Tesla The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence – Nikola Tesla

How Do You Know the Fear Cure Works?

It has Been Tested on Hundreds of Gymnasts in Over a Thousand Sessions!
We have personally tested and used versions of this system with hundreds of gymnasts in over a thousand hours of Gymnastics Fear Cure sessions. This latest version has had a positive effect in every single case and has worked successfully on almost everyone who has tried it. The largest variable is the amount of time that it takes for the desired effects to take place. For most, it works very quickly. For others, especially those who have had the problem over a longer period of time, the effects can come more slowly or the sessions have to be repeated.

The Latest in Mind Technology

To help ensure the success in curing gymnastics fears, this product is designed and produced using the latest in hypnosis technology. While to a layman, the technology is most likely unfamiliar, you can be sure we have used all the latest hypnosis technology techniques to speed the effects and to guarantee that they will work on everyone who uses them correctly.
We have used:

  • A New Comprehensive and Powerful Multiple Session Gymnastics Fear Cure System, not just a few generic hypnosis scripted sessions.
  • Applicable Sport Psychology Concepts
  • Dozens of Carefully Researched and Prepared Session Hypnosis Strategies
  • Fear Clearing Gymnastics Mind Engineering Hypnotic Sessions
  • Entrainment Techniques Using Multi-layer, Multi-source Entrainment Technology
  • Hundreds of embedded Neuro Linguistic Programming Language Techniques
  • Almost double the content as compared to normal hypnosis sessions
  • Digitally Recorded Using Studio Professional Sound Recording Equipment
  • Edited using Computerized Digital Sound Editing Software
  • Compiled using the 3 Latest and Best Professional Hypnosis Software Programs


And Much, Much More. Check Out the Complete System

Click on the Contents and Bonuses tabs above to see the complete Gymnastics Fear Cure System and you will be able see all of the methods used in this program. This should give you a much better idea of what you will be getting.

Covers Every Cause of Gymnastics Fear We Have Encountered So Far

We have the most experience or anyone in the world dealing with curing gymnastics fears and we have cataloged all of the named causes we have encountered so far. Each of those causes has a specific fear clearing technique designed to solve that particular fear problem. We also have successful generic fear clearing techniques to solve the fear problems for gymnasts with no specific discernible cause .

Get a Complete Education about Curing Gymnastics Fear

Our materials provide gymnasts, parents and coaches with a complete education as to all aspects of curing tumbling and gymnastics fears with conventional methods and our own special Fear Cure system.

Completely New System

This program will give you radical new advanced methods of curing gymnastics and tumbling fear. This is not some warmed over program adapted by some psychologist or hypnotist who does not understand gymnastics, gymnasts and gymnastics and tumbling fears. This system was created by perhaps the world’s only individual who is both a master coach and a master hypnotist.

Retail Price: $1809.99
On Sale for only $377!

By Now You Know you Need This Program Immediately.
Start overcoming your gymnastics fear today…

All major credit cards are accepted
60 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

A 60 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy
just let me know within 60 days…
And I will promptly refund all your money.
No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!

This Product Qualifies for PayPal’s 6 Month Payment Plan





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