Productivity Factors in a Gymnastics Gym

Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity
Success in business, even on a national level, is directly related to productivity. The work output and efficiency of a worker is the primary determinant in the success and competitiveness of a business or a nation. Each industry and business may have different standards and measures, but no business can remain competitive without worker productivity.

We are the …est – the Fastest, Best, Cleanest, etc.

Productivity is not measured in hours worked, but in output. An auto manufacturer that produces a car in less time than another or with fewer workers is more productive and guarantees its continuing existence and the employee’s future employment status. In gymnastics terms, a coach who recruits the most new gymnasts to the program, retains the highest percentage of students in their classes over the longest period of time, who cleans the quickest, who invents more efficient ways to operate the gym is the most productive. The coach who produces the highest level of parent and athlete satisfaction, the most compliments and the least complaints is the most productive.

Productivity = Performance

As in any service business, productivity is not as easily quantifiable as in manufacturing, but is no less important. As gymnastics program matures as a business, more and more quantifiable methods of measurement and feedback will become available. In the meantime, staff members are expected to perform to the highest level of their ability, utilize their experience and intelligence to maximize the overall productivity of themselves and the gym.

You Only Wish Pay Was Related To Productivity

Contrary to popular employee opinion, pay rates are unrelated to productivity. This means that pay increases do not increase an employees productivity. Personal satisfaction, peer recognition, competition, attention from management, input opportunities and a variety of other non-pay related factors can be significant. For employees, this means that an increased rate of personal productivity is a pre-requisite for pay increases and career advancement.

Positive Productivity Factors

There are positive and negative productivity factors. Positive factors include experience, training, relevant education, certifications, teaching efficiency, etc. Positive personal factors include enthusiasm, interpersonal skills with other staff members, parents and athletes, positive attitude, preparation, communications skills, team/gym spirit and participation, a positive fun/humor index, efficiency, decision making ability, creativity, problem solving, learning rate and commitment.

Negative Productivity Factors

Negative productivity factors are unacceptable. They always result in a loss of both personal and corporate productivity and jeopardize or eliminate the possibility of career path improvement or pay increases. Lateness, unexcused absence, absence without finding your own replacement, failure to complete jobs list all result in negative productivity and can not be ignored.


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