Pioneers – A Gymnastics Book / Novel about Men’s Competitive Gymnastics

Pioneers, a gymnastics book by Larry Allen Denham, is a gymnastics novel about the day to day life of a competitive men’s gymnastics team. Every competitive male gymnast and coach will identify with this gymnastics book of the daily struggles of gymnastics training and gymnastics meet competition.

Pioneers, a Men’s Gymnastics Book by Larry Allen Denham

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Book Length: 376 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (January 29, 2010)
Language: English


Chris McClure doesn’t fit into the Pioneer Gymnastics Team culture. He moved to Tennessee from California, and has much of what it takes to be a champion gymnast – natural talent, guts, and a go-for-it attitude. But he also has a secret…

The captain of the Pioneer Gymnastics Team, Patrick Goodman, is the best gymnast that the coach and team ever produced. But he and the rest of the pioneer Gymnastics Team need to kick up their progress to make it to the next level.

Coach Jim Lowery has a goal of winning the US National Championships. But that hasn’t yet happened in all his years of coaching.

Follow the seven gymnasts of Pioneer Gymnastics, as they follow their coach and their dreams to be the first men’s gymnastics team ever from Tennessee to be crowned national champions. And learn the lessons along with them as they find, as all gymnasts must, that the real obstacles in achieving gymnastics success and success in life, are most often self-imposed.

About the Author

Larry Allen Denham has coached men’s and women’s gymnastics, from beginner to Elite, for 32 years. Since 1989, he owned his own gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has a wife, Lee Ann, and two daughters, Kelsi and Miranda.

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