Perfect Body – A Gymnastics Movie

The movie Perfect Body, starring Amy Jo Johnson as Andie and Cathy Rigby as Brenda Gray is about a gymnast who is told she must lose weight if she wants to reach the Olympic Games.

Perfect Body – Part 1

The movie, Perfect Body, is a 1997 American drama about a young gymnast who develops an eating disorder. Originally shown on NBC on September 8, 1997, it has also now been shown on ABC and Lifetime. Amy Jo Johnson, star of the film Power Rangers is the lead.

Gymnast, Andie Bradley is a gymnast, who like many others, dreams of competing in the Olympics. She moves from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington to work with one of the leading gymnastics coaches in the U.S. That coach, however, pressures her about her weight and takes steps to lose weight. First she diets, but dieting does not give her the results she wants. She begins to use purging methods and becomes bulimic.

Her mom, her boyfriend and best friend notice changes in both her body and attitude. Andie eventually tells her best friend what she is doing and can see the problem but can’t stop her bulimic behavior. After two fainting spells and a trip to the hospital, her parents decide to move her back home.

Andie runs away from home and back to the gym in Seattle, but she sees the coach giving another girl the same lecture about weight that she was given. She decides that she has a rel problem and is not ready to go back to that gym for training. She goes back to Portland, joins a support group and is encouraged to eat as part of the therapy program.

Perfect Body – Part 2

Perfect Body – Part 3

Perfect Body – Part 4

Perfect Body – Part 5

Perfect Body – Part 6

Perfect Body – Part 7

Perfect Body – Part 8

Perfect Body – Part Nine


Amy Jo Johnson – Andie Bradley
Cathy Rigby – Brenda Gray
Brett Cullen – Coach David Blair
Tara Boger – Leslie Reynolds
Ron Melendez – Josh
Julie Patzwald – Holly Simmons
Wendie Malick – Janet Bradley


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