Peaking Tumbling Skills

Double Full

Double Full
Peaking somersaulting skills involves doing the actual tuck, pike or twisting action at the very peak of the somersault. In order to do this the tuck, pike or twist must be very efficient. Executing skills in this manner shows tumbling mastery and sets gymnasts apart from the crowd.

Tuck and Pike Kick-Out Style

T&T tumblers (and trampolinists) are required to do tuck and pike kick-outs for all of their somersaulting skills. For gymnasts, there is no matching requirement, but to do so shows incredible tumbling efficiency and control.

Tumbling with “Snap”

In order to execute the critical tumbling actions at the peak height of the tumbling skills, gymnasts must be able to snap into their somersaults, double somersaults and twisting. We have some of the most complete tumbling training information.

Where is the Peak of a Tumbling Pass?

If you watch or mark the path of a gymnast’s center of gravity through a tumbling pass, it forms the shape of a parabola. The highest point of that parabola is where twisting, tucking or piking should take place. Into and out of any tucking or piking the gymnast should be in an extended layout position. The tumbling starts in layout and finishes in layout.

Peak Every Tuck, Pike and Twisting Single Somersault

Gymnasts should peak every type of single somersault skill, including all twisting skills. Layouts have a single shape and position, so they cannot really be peaked. It is difficult for gymnasts, especially female gymnast, to have enough time to peak double somersaulting skills when tumbling on floor. But when working on trampoline, gymnasts should work to peak even their double and twisting double somersaults.

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