Full Twists

Subject: Full Twists My daughter is 11 and can do her running full twist by herself as long as her tumbling coach is standing there to make sure she doesn’t fall. She does a great job and it looks beautiful. … Continue reading

More Full Twist Problems

Subject: More Full Problems Dear Coach, I was just reading your article on a girl losing her full twists and thought I’d write. My daughter is learning full as well. She is very strong, but for some reason cannot tumble … Continue reading

First Aid Room

Room vs. Area There are two reasons that a first aid room may be preferable over simply a designated first aid area of the gym – privacy and isolation. There are certain injuries, including some injuries that may not be … Continue reading

Gymnastics First Aid Kit Components

It is a wise idea to be prepared for any contingency, accident, natural disaster or situation that might occur while gymnasts, parents and visitors are at your gym. A complete gymnastics first aid kit is a wise investment. Obviously, accidents … Continue reading

Finding Success in Gymnastics and Life

Subject: Finding success in gymnastics Dear Coach, When I was young, I learned ballet but quit during the middle of my first year because the teacher had been so strict and harsh. My mom tells me I wasn’t very flexible … Continue reading

Expand the Scope of Your Preschool Gymnastics Program

It is important for you to expand the scope of your preschool program beyond a gymnastics only curriculum. If your primary goal in the program is to teach four year olds back handsprings or even cartwheels, you are missing the … Continue reading