Gym Profits Golden Rule:

Make it a Rule to always make gold on every activity and program. While it may seem obvious what business a gymnastics facility is in or should be in, in actuality this can be the most confusing and most important … Continue reading

Choosing Gymnastics Insurance

Gymnastics insurance is a fact of life for any gymnastics club owner. The possibility of an accident and/or lawsuit cannot be ignored. Here are some considerations in choosing your insurance carrier. Continue reading

Gym Ceiling Height

Subject: Gym Ceiling Height Hi, I have a quick question for you concerning the ceiling height for a gymnastics facility. The architects think 25 feet is plenty. I just wanted to get your advice. Thanks A 25′ high ceiling is … Continue reading

Grips or Rips?

Subject: Rips! Dear Coach, My daughter has been doing gymnastics for almost 3 years. She couldn’t get her kip. She used her grips so she wouldn’t get rips or blisters. One day she tried to do her kip without the … Continue reading

Get A Grip

Subject: Dowel grips vs. regular grips Dear Coach, My daughter is a level 5 gymnast and may move to level 6 very shortly. She does not currently use grips. However, it appears at level 6, our gym has the girls … Continue reading

Inadvertent Full and Lost Back Tuck

Subject: Lost Back Tuck Dear Coach, We moved our 11 year old daughter to a new gym in January and she has really blossomed. She is now working on 7 & 8 skills and even landed a Yurchenko vault. She … Continue reading