Home Gymnastics Equipment

Subject: Home Gymnastics Equipment? Dear Coach, Every year when Christmas and my gymnast’s birthday come, I have again to decide whether I want to purchase some gymnastics equipment for her to use at home. Should I buy home gymnastics equipment, … Continue reading

Handspring Front Vaults

Subject: Handspring front Vaults I am having trouble teaching my gymnasts to “get into” the table sooner on a front front vault. Some of these girls are young, and fairly powerful (for their size) and they seem to have a … Continue reading

A Handshake and a Smile

The gymnastics business in America can tend to be an inhospitable, cutthroat, steal their gymnasts before they steal yours, don’t tell anyone your secrets because they might use them against you terrain. Assistant coaches or coaches may leave the gym … Continue reading

History of Gymnastics Video

A short view montage of gymnastics in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s and 2000… We have been collecting gymnastics history facts for years believing that any well-rounded gymnastics coach or gymnast should have some idea how the sport has evolved … Continue reading

Quitting Gymnastics

Subject: IT’S TOO HARD Dear Coach, I have been coaching a gymnast who up to now has been the most determined girl in her group and was the highest ranked of three in her level from our gym at Nationals. … Continue reading


These are a common set of rules for gymnastics facilities designed to ensure gymnast safety and smooth gym operation. SAFETY FIRST!! Rule #1 in the gym is that no one is allowed to get hurt. That means no one is … Continue reading