Nervous Young Gymnast

Subject: Daughter is nervous about crowded class Hi, I have a 5 1/2-year-old daughter who just recently joined a new gym, and is now on the pre-competition team for acrobatics. The practices are two days a week, 2 hours at … Continue reading

Nervous in Competition

Subject: Nervous in Competition Dear Coach, I have a Level 3 7 year old who trains really well, but when it comes to competition, she seems to do o.k. at best. We are thinking it is just nerves, but at … Continue reading

Should Daughter Move Up

Subject: Should Daughter Move Up Dear Coach, We want to know if our daughter should move up to Level 5 or stay another year in Level 4 to better learn the skills and have more competitive success. The USA Gymnastics … Continue reading

How Many Hours of Practice?

Subject: How Many Hours of Practice? I have recently received a number of questions relating to the number and scheduling of practice time in the gym. I have decided to answer them together. Here are the questions I received: How … Continue reading

7 Steps to The Ideal Fundraiser

Every non-profit organization is looking for the ideal fundraiser or more likely a series of ideal fundraisers. What are the characteristics of an ideal fundraising event or program? Step 1 – Money Raising Capability First, obviously that it is capable … Continue reading

Christmas Dream – Our Favorite Email

Subject : Deep appreciation from (Customer’s Name Omitted) Dear Gymnastics Zone, I’m the parent who was having difficulties with my PayPal account, so you can imagine my incredible surprise when the two e-Books I was trying to order for my … Continue reading