Pain from Strength Training?

Subject: Pain from Strength Training? Hi, Hope you can advise me. My 8yo daughter is training level 2-3 gym and recent changes by her coach in increasing their leg strength training has resulted in my daughter having severe anterior leg … Continue reading

Too Old to Learn Gymnastics?

Subject: Too Old? Dear Coach, I have just turned 20 years old and have started gymnastics in the last few months. I practice stretches by walking backwards down walls and handstands, and stretch into the splits every morning. I was … Continue reading

Too Much Too Early

Subject: Training a young talented gymnast Dear Coach, We want to know if our daughter should move up to Level 5 or stay another year in Level 4 to better learn the skills and have more competitive success. I am … Continue reading

Toe Shoot to High Bar

Subject: Toe Shoot to High Bar Dear Coach, My daughter is 10 and is doing very well in gymnastics. Her best event is bar. She has been learning toe shoot from low to high bar for some time. Her technique … Continue reading

Talent vs. Gym Profit

Subject: When to quit? Talent vs. profit Dear Coach, My 6 year-old daughter was asked to be on the Level 4 Team after about three months of pre-team. She has been training 9 hours a week for about the past … Continue reading

Gymnast with Shoulder Injury

Subject: Daughter with shoulder injury Dear Coach, Hello! I have an 8-yr. old daughter that competed level 5 last year and would move up to level 6 if she had not developed a shoulder injury. My question is do you … Continue reading