The New USA Gymnastics Compulsories

USA Gymnastics has established a new set of Compulsory routines for the next eight years, 2005 – 2013. This is of interest to young gymnasts who are interested in competition and making their gymnastics team, parents of young gymnasts and … Continue reading

Missing Man

As everyone and every team does, we have had our share of tragedy and grief. Our most poignant period was when the little brother of one of our team gymnasts got leukemia. Over a period of almost a year, this … Continue reading

Gymnastics Competition Safety

Warm-Ups It is difficult with the compulsory meet structure and long competition sessions to keep thoroughly warmed up for each event. It is very possible that your official warm-up and competition may be hours apart, especially on your last events. … Continue reading

Coach’s Gymnastics Meet Duties

Bring: Directions to meet and hotels. Other meet information. FIG book and rules and policies. Warm-up music. Compulsory music. Back up optional music tapes for each gymnast. Team banner. Emergency numbers. USAG professional membership card and number. Coach’s notebook. Filled … Continue reading

Coaching Gymnasts “Man to Man”

Teenagers rebel. Especially American teenagers rebel. Somewhere around age 13 or 14, if not sooner, American teenagers rebel. This is true for American teenagers who are gymnasts, also. Sooner or later gymnasts become teenagers. Intimidation Leads to Rebellion Young gymnasts, … Continue reading

Gymnastics Practice Macrocycles

The year should be broken into three or four annual training periods of 3 – 4 months each. Three macrocycles in the year would be: Off-Season Build Routines Competition Four macrocycles in the year Each broken into 2 six week … Continue reading