Olympic Gymnastics Medal Trivia

The history of Olympic gymnastics medal records gives some indication of the trends that have occurred within the sport of gymnastics. The history of gymnastics provides us with the following facts. Youngest Female Gold Medallist Nadia Comaneci of Romania was … Continue reading

Preparing for the Gymnastics Surge

Once every four years since Russian pixie gymnast, Olga Korbut first captured the hearts and minds of America’s future gymnasts and their parents, there has been a surge of new gymnasts pouring into gymnastics facilities in the days, weeks and … Continue reading

Not Too Slow for This Team

Tryouts for our gymnastics team were always more of a showpiece than a real tryout. The decisions about who had made the team were made by evaluating daily practices seeking out the qualities I favored in my team girls. Our … Continue reading

The 10,000 Hour Elite Training Article Hysteria

The uproar and largely misinformed criticism of the 10,000 Hour Elite Training scientific research and how it applies to gymnastics is answered and rebutted Continue reading

You Know You’re a Gymnast When…

You Know You’re a Gymnast When… Video You have bigger muscles than your boyfriend. You are on your hands as much as your feet. You use more chalk than soap. You do handstands everywhere. Leotards and biker shorts become more … Continue reading

This is Not My Routine

What’s wrong with having your routine professionally choreographed? It takes an exceptional professional choreographer to be able to choose suitable music and moves for a gymnast whom they have just met. The problem with having your routine choreographed by an … Continue reading