Productivity Factors in a Gymnastics Gym

Success in business, even on a national level, is directly related to productivity. The work output and efficiency of a worker is the primary determinant in the success and competitiveness of a business or a nation. Each industry and business … Continue reading

Preschool Gymnastics Philosophy and Program Goals

“Every Child is a Star.” Have Fun! Co-ordination. Self-confidence. Develop and improve Self Image. Self-esteem (thinking “I’m great” after learning each new skill). Socialization and Social Development of social skills (sharing, caring, helping). Development of learning skills – Increase Cognitive … Continue reading

Positive Gymnastics Coaching

A major factor in the retention of gymnasts in the gym is positive, rather than negative coaching. Positive coaching is not being a cheerleader and talking about self-esteem. It is telling the gymnast exactly what to do to improve, not … Continue reading

Gymnastics Safety Pits

Every serious gym needs pits. We know of no Elite gymnastics training program facility that does not have at least some pit set-up. We would not want to coach and teach in a facility that did not have pits for … Continue reading

Gymnastics Pit Safety Rules

SAFETY FIRST! No one is allowed to do anything that will get themselves or anyone else hurt. Always land in the pit. If you miss the pit, it can’t keep you from getting injured. Do not dive headfirst into the … Continue reading

Outdoor Gym Security

A gym’s responsibility for maintaining gymnast’s safety is not limited to the inside of the gym building. Gymnast, parents and coaches must drive up, park and walk to and from the building in safety. This will require varying levels of … Continue reading