Safe Gymnastics Outside

There are definite safety considerations gymnasts should take when and if they tumble outside. Continue reading

Safe Gym Design

Safety in the gym begins with the design and equipping of the gym. In order to do everything possible to ensure the safety of gymnasts, certain design concepts must be incorporated into the building and layout or redesign of any … Continue reading

Walkways Important to Gym Safety

One of the most overlooked aspects of gym design and gym safety is the judicious placement of walkways throughout the gym. This is most important when preschool gymnastics classes and equipment are mixed with equipment and classes for older and … Continue reading

Methods of Reducing Gymnastics Class Dropout Rates

After successfully marketing your gymnastics program and filling your gym/classes with students, the most important business success factor is to keep them. Continue reading

Delivering a High Quality Gymnastics Program

Quality is defined, in our business, primarily, by the two customers – the gymnast and their parents. We must provide the program and the quality they expect. We have a further obligation to be providing professionalism, which includes providing the … Continue reading

Get Free Gymnastics Advertising With Public Service Announcements

As you probably or may not know, FCC licensed radio and television outlets have a contractual obligation to provide a certain amount of public service announcements. 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations qualify to be included in the groups of government and private … Continue reading