Team Values

As with any evaluation of what goes on in one’s life, it is commonly understood that for success it is necessary to create and write down goals. Less commonly known is that for goal setting to be really reflect true … Continue reading

Gymnastics Facility Supervision Systems

Everyone agrees that children need to be supervised when they are in potentially dangerous or unfamiliar situations. For most young children, a gymnastics facility can be both unfamiliar territory and potentially dangerous to those unfamiliar with the equipment and traffic … Continue reading

Evaluating Your Strength-To-Weight Ratio Needs

When a gymnast initially either starts their gymnastics career or starts a new period of serious gymnastics training, the first thing they need to do is optimize their strength-to-weight ratio. Essentially we are talking about developing the amount of strength … Continue reading


Flexibility is fortunately one of those physical attributes that can be improved simply by spending time working on it. Most top level training programs require that you meet minimum gymnastics flexibility (and strength) requirements because it speeds the learning process … Continue reading

Solve the Collegiate Gymnastics Problem – Privatize NOTE: Mike Jacki was kind enough to point out the NCAA and its rules would not allow an arrangement like this, but all involved in the sport should continue to try to come up with a solution for the … Continue reading

Gymnastics Hand Signal Communication

It is absolutely critical that there be proper communication between spotters and gymnasts. If mis-communication occurs and either is expecting something different from the other, the gymnast may be seriously injured. Communication is Critical for Safety It is especially critical … Continue reading