What Gymnast’s Parents Expect

Parents are affected, in their decision to stay or leave and choice of programs by a number of other factors. The primary factor is the interactions with the personnel of the gym. Parents rightfully expect professional, courteous treatment and fair … Continue reading

What Gymnastics Means to Gymnast’s Academics

Gymnastics is a rapidly growing sport at the club level. It is estimated that there are over 3 million children participating in gymnastics in this country. USA Gymnastics, the Olympic governing body for the sport of gymnastics, has seen a … Continue reading

Welcome to Coaches and Owners

This web site is a forum for information about coaching, participating in the sport of gymnastics, information for parents and gym management information for gym owners. We have a lot of information, research, systems, and progressions, etc. to impart to … Continue reading

Wall Lists of Gymnast’s Awards

A couple of new ideas. Hopefully, you are already putting up the names and dates and events of all your gymnast’s who score nines on the wall. We call it the 9.0 Club and we record every 9.0 + that … Continue reading

Vestibular Development for Preschool and Older Gymnasts

Vestibular Development is a physical activity program that increasingly acclimates a child through and to a series of dizzying activities, which stress the brain. The goal and purpose of these exercises is to adapt to salto and twisting skills and … Continue reading

Tumbling Training

There are relatively few gymnastics programs in the United States that compete in tumbling competitions also. Only Three Passes Tumbling competitions consist of just three tumbling passes on a long expanse of a power rod tumbling floor which allows a … Continue reading