Spotting Fulls and Twisting

Subject: Spotting the Twisting Direction Dear Coach, The question is what side do you spot a full, that twists to the right and a full that twists to the left? (Now when we say twists to the right, we mean … Continue reading

Negative Coaching

Subject: Difficult Coach We have a coach that is very negative. She coaches by saying: “Make a change”, “You’re not working hard enough”, “Whatever you are doing, do it again.” But there is never any coaching on how to do … Continue reading

Legal Structure of a Gym

Subject: Question about Legal Structure Hi, My sister and I are planning to open a gymnastics academy. My grandfather is trying to get a mortgage on the property and funding for the start up of our business. I am wondering … Continue reading

Buying the Best Kind Of Practice Beam

Subject: Best Kind of Practice Beam? Dear Coach, What is the best kind of practice beam that can be bought for the home environment. My daughter is 6.5 yrs old and is on a mini-team at the local competitive gym. … Continue reading

e-Books vs. Books

Subject: e-Books Do you sell any of your e-Books as a regular book not as an e-Book only? We do not currently sell any of our e-Books as a regular print book. We do know that a number of people … Continue reading


Subject: Cartwheels Dear Coach, Hi, I have been trying to do a cartwheel for more than three months now and I haven’t succeeded in doing so yet. I practice basically everyday and I still can’t do one. I keep in … Continue reading