Approach Your Gymnastics Coach

For a number of reasons, many parents have difficulty approaching their child’s gymnastics coach. One of the main reasons is that it is an extremely rare parent who understands enough about the sport to have any opinion at all. Gymnastics … Continue reading

Ancient Gymnastics Outside Greece And Rome

The Egyptian Gymnastics Pyramids Circus style acrobatics were performed in ancient Egypt. As early as 2100 BC. stone cuttings depict people building human pyramids and balancing stunts in Egypt . The Dark Ages for Gymnastics With the fall of Rome … Continue reading

Gymnastics in the Roman Empire

The Romans included physical activities based on those of the Greeks, in their culture. The ancient Romans used gymnastics as part of their military training to improve the strength, balance and flexibility of soldiers. Gymnastics Training for the Roman Legions … Continue reading

Gymnastics in Greece and the First Olympics

Introduced in early Greek civilization, gymnastics facilitated physical body development utilizing a variety of activities including running, jumping, wrestling, weight lifting, swimming and throwing. Continue reading

Definition: Straddle Back

Straddle Back: A women’s uneven bar release skill done from a swing backwards on the high bar backwards over low bar, ideally to a handstand to the low bar. Straddle Back to Handstand

What Gymnast’s Parents Can Do To Help

Subject: What Can Parents Do to Help Dear Coach, The confirmation I received after a purchase of the level 4 e-book asked for feedback. So here goes. I am a parent of a current level 3 gymnast who is moving … Continue reading