Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medalist Nikolai Andrianov Dies

Nikolai Andrianov (full name Nikolai Yefimovich Andrianov) was born October 14, 1952 and died on March 21, 2011. He was born and also died in the city of Vladimir in the Russian Federation.  He was a famous Soviet male gymnast who, … Continue reading

Definition: Criss Cross Tumbling

Criss Cross Tumbling: Criss cross tumbling is a practice and optional meet warm-up pattern for tumbling floor exercise. Gymnasts line up in two lines in two side-by-side corners and take alternate turns tumbling along the diagonals like they do in … Continue reading

2011 French Internationals World Cup Results

The 2011 Internationaux de France Coupe du Monde Gymnastique (French International Gymnastics World Cup) held in at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, France is the first Category A FIG World Cup of the year. The 20th Internationaux de France World … Continue reading

2011 City of Jesolo Trophy Gymnastics Meet Results

The Japanese team did not compete in this meet understandably due to the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011 and the nuclear power plant problems in Japan the week before the meet.  The participating countries and gymnasts acknowledged … Continue reading

Subchapter S Corporation vs Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Get the coach’s experience on legal structure for gymnastics businesses… Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or S-Corp? Continue reading

Old School Social Networking

The right contacts will help you achieve your goals faster. Networking within your own club will be easier if you get job and business information on your registration forms. As much as is intelligent in a business sense, do business … Continue reading