Music Stops During Floor Routine

Gymnasts must be trained what to do if things go wrong in competition. Here is what compulsory/optional gymnasts should do if music stops during their floor Continue reading

Top 10 Common Mistakes On Twisting

Twisting is easy if you do it right and virtually impossible if you do it wrong. We covered this once but we continue to get questions and see these errors at every meet we go to. #1 – Throwing Your … Continue reading

2011 European Gymnastics Championships

281 gymnasts will be competing at the 2011 European Gymnastics Championships held in Berlin on April 4th – 10th. Get comprehensive coverage of where and when it all happens and everyone who’s going to be competing. Continue reading

Wearing Gymnastics Grips?

Subject: rips Dear Coach, My daughter has been doing gymnastics for almost 3 years. She couldn’t get her kip. She used her grips so she wouldn’t get rips or blisters. One day she tried to do her kip without the … Continue reading

Make It Or Break It 2011 Spring Premiere

Now the “Make It Or Break It” 2012 Spring Premiere Continue reading

How Many Hours in the Gym?

Subject: Hours in Gym Dear Ask The Coach, My concern is “training hours in the gym”. My daughter is training for level 7 and I worry about how much time she spends training in the gym. She trains 4 to … Continue reading