Holding Legs Up on Kips on Bars

Trying to keep their legs up and avoiding a fall deduction out of bar skills that come from a handstand and go into a glide kip is a common problem that beginning and intermediate optional gymnasts face. Continue reading

General Gymnastics Gym Supervision

Gym staff take gym supervision very seriously, but they are often focused on one gymnast. Learn how to handle general gymnastics gym supervision. Continue reading

Dominant Skill Side in Competition

Information about dominant side skill selection in gymnastics, especially in the USA Gymnastics Compulsory floor and beam routines. Continue reading

What Do I Do If I Fall Off Bars at a Meet?

Learn exactly what the rules are and what you should do if you fall off the uneven bars at a meet. Continue reading

Improving the Coach Gymnast Relationship

The interaction between a coach and an upper level gymnast should be a one to one relationship. Gymnasts have, at the higher level, enough experience in the sport that they can provide important feedback that makes it easier for the coach to do their job. Continue reading

A Crowd Too Loud – Risks, Consequences and Etiquette

Have you ever been to a meet where the crowd was so loud that gymnasts were injured? The Coach talks about what to do when the spectators get out of hand. Continue reading