Definition: Competition II

Competition II: In International and international style meets,  Competition II is the individual all-around competition. The gymnast with the highest score at the end of the All-around competition becomes the all-around champion. This is the most prestigious individual championship in any type of competition. … Continue reading

Definition: Competition IB

Competition IB:: Competition IB is what team optional competition (Optional competitions are meets where each gymnasts does their own individually chosen skills, choreography and routines on each event) is called International F.I.G. competitions. In International F.I.G. Competition IB team competitions also … Continue reading

Definition: Competition 1A

Competition IA: Competition IA is a type of competition in International F.I.G. (the international gymnastics federation) gymnastics competitions, called Compulsory Competitions. The FIG decided to discontinue Compulsory competitions after the 1996 Olympics, primarily due to the how they lengthened the … Continue reading

Definition: Podium Training

Podium Training: Podium training is an officially scheduled practice time and practice session before the start of a large gymnastics competition, when gymnasts get a chance to do their routines on the competition equipment and in the competition arena. At … Continue reading

Complete Coaching Responsibilities

Read a comprehensive set of coaching responsibilities for a top notch gymnastics gym. Continue reading

Quit Fulling Around and Learn a Full Twist

Coach Howard helps a frustrated gymnast learn a full layout twist with several tips and a series of training progressions for her to use. Continue reading