Successful Balance Beam Training System

The main requirement for success on beam is to have a beam training system that includes, both beam skill mastery and proper beam equipment progressions. A systematic approach to training is important on all events but is even more critical … Continue reading

Definition: Barani Ballout

Learn the definition of a trampoline skill know as the Barani Bailout. Continue reading

Private Gymnastics Lessons

Should gymnasts get private lessons? What can they expect to accomplish if they do? What events benefit most from private gymnastics lessons? Learn the answers to these questions and more… Continue reading

Doing Giants In A Cast!?!

Some advice to a parent about her injured daughter continuing to work out doing giants while still wearing a cast. Continue reading

Shoulder Flexibility for Gymnastics Safety

Shoulder flexibility is a hidden safety problem in gymnastics that USA Gymnastics has not done enough to publicize and eradicate. Learn what needs to be done to keep gymnasts safe. Continue reading

Definition: Competition III

Competition III: Competition III competitions are a type of International competition that is commonly called the individual event finals. Gymnasts who win individual event finals at a World Championships or the Olympics can say they are currently the best gymnast … Continue reading