Coverage Roundup of Bruno Grandi’s Letter on Gymnastics Scoring

Find the most important articles covering Bruno Grandi’s scorching critique of the gymnastics Code of Points and get the critical issues raised in one spot. Continue reading

Definition: Ballout

Ballout: A ballout is a trampoline skill that starts from a 3/4 dive or from a back drop and rotates forward in a 1&1/4 front somersault breadth axis lands on two feet. A double ballout is a back drop with … Continue reading

Beg Coach To Do Skills On High Beam

Learn this straightforward beam training technique that will have gymnasts begging to do skills on high beam and reduce the time coaches spend spotting. Continue reading

Definition: Breadth Axis Rotation

Breadth Axis Rotation: Breadth Axis (abbreviated BA) rotation refers to somersaulting rotation.  Breadth axis rotation refers either front or back somersaults.  This term is used primarily in reference to descriptions of skills for trampoline competition, although it could be used to refer to any other … Continue reading

What Parents Need to Know About Coaching and Managing a Gymnastics Gym

Understanding what it takes to coach and manage a gym can help parents improve their child’s gymnastics experience. Continue reading

Her Coach Yells So Much She Wants To Quit

Coach Howard addresses the uncomfortable issue of the long-lasting impact of what coaches (and others) say to children and what you should do about it. Continue reading