102 Gymnastics Abbreviations

The sport of gymnastics is full of abbreviations that most spectators (and many coaches and gymnasts) don’t know. This page aims to list them all. Continue reading

8 Tips For Great Back Handsprings on Beam

GymnasticsZone gives 8 tips to help a gymnast who is having trouble with bent and split legs in her back handspring on beam. Continue reading

A Parental View of the Sport of Gymnastics

Everything My Daughter Needs to Know She’s Learned From Gymnastics is a blog post  from the mother of a gymnast, one of whose daughters switched from soccer to gymnastics and the effect her coaches have had on her. As a former English major, I … Continue reading

19 Potential Solutions to International Gymnastics Scoring Problems

Now that we have pointed out many of the problems with the current international gymnastics scoring system we present solutions from ourselves and others around the web who’s opinion we have solicited. Continue reading

Yuliya Brown Wins Elite Challenge in Tumbling

Yuliya Brown won the 2011 USA Gymnastics T&T Elite Challenge in Tumbling in Fort Worth, Texas on April 30, 2011 at the Fort Worth, Texas Convention Center. Continue reading

Detailed List of the Problems with International Gymnastics Scoring

This long and detailed list is the beginning of what we hope will become a comprehensive list of issues to address with any change in gymnastics scoring. Continue reading