Gymnastics Coach’s Code of Professional Conduct

A code of conduct for gymnastics coaches to improve themselves, their gymnasts, their gym and the sport. Continue reading

Summer Gymnastics Goals

Too often, gymnasts have heard, too many times, about how goal setting is important, but have not yet actually done it. Do It Now! Continue reading

The Treatment of Rips on Gymnast’s Hands

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Dowel Grips Vs. Regular Grips

Coach Howard helps a level 5 gymnast through the decision process for choosing a set of gymnastics grips and beginning training with them. Continue reading

Avoiding Gymnastics Rips – Hand Care and Rip Treatment Products

A long list of gymnastics rip and hand care products that can help you avoid gymnastics rips as well as how to use them, and where to get them. Continue reading

Preventative Hand Care for Gymnasts

Horror stories of bad rips and what you can do to prevent them. Through proper training and hand care most, and maybe even all, rips can be prevented. Continue reading