When the Coach Becomes the Student

Coach Howard is reminded of an important lesson in fair play and self respect by a remarkable young gymnast. Continue reading

Gymnasts Want to Be Great

Don’t ever believe a coach who says a team gymnast “doesn’t want to be great” or is “too lazy,” if that gymnast is going to practice every day. Continue reading

Death of a Gymnast

The day after Ginger’s death, I walked into Coach’s outer office. I could see him through the window with his head bowed crying. That stopped me cold. I had never seen him cry before. I had never seen him anything … Continue reading

A Chance for the Return of the Perfect 10 to Gymnastics Scoring

With the upcoming review of gymnastics scoring there is a chance to return to the perfect 10.0 scoring system that fans and gymnasts understood and liked so well. Continue reading

Will Yuliya Brown Bring Home The Gold At The 2011 World Cup?

Coach Howard, long time friend of Yuliya Brown, takes a look at her amazing tumbling career as she prepares for the 2011 World Cup. Continue reading

Gymnastic Wrist Braces for Tumbling and Vault

Coach Howard gives some advice on gymnastic wrist braces, why he’s generally against them, what to do instead of using wrist braces and which ones are best. Continue reading