Positive Approaches To Managing Gymnasts Strength To Weight Ratios

Learn how coaches can effectively correct poor strength-to-weight ratios in gymnasts, which can lead to injury and make many skills more difficult, without weighing gymnasts or making negative comments. Continue reading

How Long Should a Gymnastics Practice Be?

There is considerable confusion, controversy and many questions about exactly how long gymnasts hours practice and what that decision should be based on. Continue reading

Daughter Wants to Quit Gymnastics

I have little patience for gymnastics coaches who neither produce top Elite level gymnasts or run a gymnastics program that can keep gymnasts happy. Continue reading

Gymnasts, Nutrition and Diets

I do not believe any 12 year old gymnast should even have the word diet in their vocabulary. Learn how to eat and learn how to eat healthy. Continue reading

Fixing a Flyaway Full Bar Dismount

Flyaway fulls are not a really common bar dismount, perhaps because knee injuries from them seems too big a risk for the value of the vault and double and triple twisting flyaways are even less common, but there is how to fix the problems. Continue reading

16 Key Practice Areas For A Successful Gymnastics Gym

Mastery of these 16 Key Practice Areas (KPAs) are the foundation for a successful gymnastics gym. Continue reading