Rod Floor Design

GymnasticsZone shares a wealth of tips on rod floor design and building your own rod floor and then discusses the build vs buy decision.
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Change the Gymnastics Minimum Age Requirements

The current minimum age of 16 for participation in the Olympics age discriminates against up to half of all young female gymnasts in the Western world. Continue reading

Gymnastics is a Series of Habits

Gymnastics is a series of habit built upon habit. Building correct habits needs careful consideration of numerous factors by gym owners, coaches and parents Continue reading

The Inspiration and Motivation of Gymnasts

It is understandably common for gymnasts (and coaches) to forget the progress they have made and focus only on what they can’t do. Here’s how to fix that. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the FIG on Scoring Changes

This open letter in response to FIGs call for scoring reform details the most important rule changes gathered from around the web and our own experience. Continue reading

The 10,000 Hour Elite Excellence Dilemma

Getting in the 10,000 hours of effective training needed to become an elite gymnast is difficult and must be well planed. Do you have a plan? Continue reading