Look Me in the Eye When I Am Talking to You

Gymnasts have many different ways of learning. Coach Howard explains the concept of learning modalities to help coaches communicate with gymnasts more effectively. Continue reading

Extreme Home Makeover Gymnast Style

Former gymnast, chosen by Extreme Makeover Home Edition for its show, was injured attempting triple back in gymnastics pit reminding us all – safety first. Continue reading

Relaxation Skills for Gymnasts

Learn how coaches and parents can teach gymnasts to relax on command… a very valuable skill for gymnastics and life. Continue reading

15 Factors In Building Gymnast Confidence

There are so many different factors, physical and psychological that go into a gymnast’s level of self-confidence, which is key to competition success. Continue reading

Mental & Emotional Gymnastics Training

Coach Howard advises a parent who’s 8 year old daughter suddenly began showing signs of emotional instability 6 weeks ago. Continue reading

Spychological Gymnastics Coaching

Gymnastics is too focused on the physical aspects of learning/teaching the sport. There will be no high level success unless the psychology is mastered. Continue reading