No Feedback from Coach

Advice on how and what to say to a gymnastics coach in order to gain valuable and necessary feedback. Continue reading

Gymnastics Hundreds Training

Many coaches insist that their gymnasts keep “busy” during their gymnastics practices. We have developed a program where gymnasts do 100s of useful skills. Continue reading

Gymnastics Sayings from Gymnasts

Gymnasts say the darnedest things, about themselves, their coaches, their parents and their sport. Here is what we have heard them say. Continue reading

Too Old to Start Training for Olympics?

Are any of you out there ready to pay all the prices (time, money and effort) necessary to become an Olympian? If so, get started right away… Continue reading

Diving Trainer Equipment

Diving overhead safety spotting system discussion with videos of flying ring dismounts. Continue reading

Peaking Tumbling Skills

Peaking tumbling skills shows extraordinary tumbling mastery and is the most efficient and stylish way to tumble. Continue reading