Gymnastics Sayings

Sayings about gymnastics are sometimes true, sometimes inspiring and uplifting, sometime unique, sometimes apply to all of life, but sometimes funny, Continue reading

Covering Up Gymnastics Errors

Part of any coaching and training strategy for gymnasts has to be practicing covering-up errors that might occur in competition routines. Continue reading

Making High School Gymnastics Team

Help and advice on preparing to make the high school gymnastics team. Continue reading

Gymnastics Amnesia

Forgetting mistakes during competitions allows gymnasts to remain focused and confident. For most gymnasts, this is a mental process they need to practice. Continue reading

Salvage Relationship with Coach?

Making decisions about the future of a gymnast’s gymnastics career can be difficult and complicated. Here is some advice for one gymnast on how to do hat. Continue reading

Kip Variations

Learning all variations of kips is a way to improve gymnast’s kips and add variety to bar practice, and to also add kipping skills they will need later. Continue reading