Tumbling Up Hill

Tumbling up hill (tumbling up onto stacked mats) has benefits for tumbling height and for training double back timers. Information on how to set it up. Continue reading

Switching Gyms for More Hours

Two great gyms to pick from would be a problem most gym parents would love to have. What should a parent do to make sure her gymnast gets what she needs? Continue reading

Surviving Media Interviews

The media is no longer just in the information business, but trying to score ratings, often by stirring and recording conflict and using dubious methods. Continue reading

L.E.A.P. Back into Gymnastics

When gymnasts stop doing the sport and want to start again, many parents are doubtful. What can a gymnast do to convince her mom to let her start again? Continue reading

Faster Better Twisting

Coach Howard discusses how your arm lift, arm wrap, and layout all make for faster and better twisting. Continue reading

Switch from Cheerleading to Gymnastics

Coach Howard helps a young cheerleader understand the differences between cheerleading and gymnastics. Continue reading