There is No Such Thing as Double Jointed

While a common phrase, it is incorrect to call very flexible gymnasts double jointed especially if you want to appear knowledgeable. Continue reading

Doing Gymnastics Exhibitions

Exhibitions serve many functions for the gym and gymnasts and are serious business and serious FUN for your team, who can be the stars of their own show. Continue reading

Level 7 Uneven Bar Routine Videos

Some high scoring Level 7 bar routine videos to give gymnasts a visual idea of what level of Level 7 bars they should be shooting for. Continue reading

Level 7 Beam Routine Videos

It is sometimes good for gymnasts to see videos of what other gymnasts are doing at their level. Here are some high scoring Level 7 beam routines examples. Continue reading

Level 7 Floor Exercise Routine Videos

While there can be so much variation in floor routines, it is good to see some of what is being done at the lower optional levels on floor exercise. Continue reading

Strength to Move Up

For strength training, weight machines are the safe to use and progress is easily tracked and to train muscles to the point of momentary muscle failure Continue reading