Beautiful Ring Leap Photo

A photograph of a beautiful ring leap. Continue reading

Gym Communications Systems

The new electronic technologies make communication with gymnasts, parents, prospects, staff and coaches much easier, so take advantage of the new high tech. Continue reading

Exhibitions at Team Gymnast’s Schools

This is one of the best ways to make your gymnasts heroes in their own school and in their local communities and it is a tremendous marketing tool as well. Continue reading

6 Tips for Developing a Personal Style on Uneven Bars

Notable gymnasts always stood out because they had their own original style of gymnastics with the most amplitude, difficulty or completely unique style. Continue reading

Full Amplitude Kips

It is amazing that, even at the International Elite level, simple kips often sadly lack even basic swing amplitude. Teach gymnasts to swing into their kips! Continue reading

The Old Chinese Gymnastics Developmental Training System

China’s gymnastics developmental training system from the 1980’s can give us an insight into how they train their gymnasts so successfully now. Continue reading