Type of Mats Needed for Home Gym

Suggested mats for home equipment, but suggest putting the money into more gym time instead of home equipment, which is often underutilized or outgrown. Continue reading

Getting Attention from My Coach

Permanent gymnastics facilities are almost always superior to facilities where equipment is set up and taken down for both equipment and coaching . Continue reading

Gymnastics or Not?

Fear and mistrust are emotions that are not real, an emotional responses to a future situation that has not happened yet. Fear should not rule your life. Continue reading

Training Strength and Training Hours

Strength training before gymnastics skills and routines practice is less safe and effective. Gymnasts can adapt to most any reasonable time schedule. Continue reading

Pit Bar Suggestions for Camp

Giving a few suggestions for a coach working with Level 5 -7 gymnasts at camp on pit bars. Continue reading

6 Costly Mistakes Gymnastics Gym Owners Make

Gymnastics business owners need to avoid critical management pitfalls that can doom them to lack of profitability in a tough competition environment. Continue reading