Should I Coach?

Coaching gymnastics is not like coaching other sports. It is not safe for anyone who does not have significant gymnastics experience to coach gymnasts. Continue reading

Can I As a Blind Person Start to Learn and Train to be a Gymnast?

Blind gymnastics would seem impossible, but there have already been blind gymnasts, who have succeeded. There are likely many lessons for us in the sport. Continue reading

Sandbagging or Well Organized Training Program

More perspective on what constitute sandbagging and what are the signs of a good, well-organized gym training program. Continue reading

Jumping from Level 5 to Level 7

Should a gymnast jump from Level 5 to Level 7 when her coach offers the choice to do so? There are many reasons to do so and few reasons to hold back. Continue reading

Finding a Gym in a Rural Area

Parents searching for gymnastics programs in rural areas need to check out all of the possibilities available to them before making a decision. Continue reading

Building Basic Gymnastics Skills

Self-taught gymnastics is a bad idea, because early habits are the basis for all future gymnastics. Get the best instruction possible from the beginning. Continue reading