Principles of Gymnastics Skill Training

Coaches must understand gymnastics skill training principles and correctly apply them for gymnasts to achieve high level optional gymnastics success. Continue reading

5 Scientific Principles of Gymnastics Strength Training

Gymnastics coaches must understand and correctly implement basic strength training principles to correctly prepare their gymnasts for competition. Continue reading

Level 7 Optional All-Around Routines

Videos of Level 7 gymnasts doing all of their routines. Continue reading

Definition: Yamawaki

Yamawaki: A high bar release move first done by Japanese gymnast, Kyoji Yamawaki. It is essentially a stretched Markelov. The FIG has rated it a “D” difficulty skills. Here is a video that begins with a crash and then has … Continue reading

Virtual Gymnastics High Bar Routine

3D animation is an up and coming tool for gymnasts and coaches understanding gymnastics moves, but it is still out of financial reach for most. Continue reading

Definition: Markelov

Markelov: A men’s and women’s high bar release move, that is essentially a vault catch. Here is a video of both Svetlana Khorkina and Courtney Kupets, both doing Markelovs on the uneven bars: Here is a video of Soviet gymnast, … Continue reading