The Problem with Gymnastics Coaches in America

It is more than a stretch to call many of the gymnastics coaches in the country – professionals – due to problems with coach’s training and education. Continue reading

Level 5 Bar Routine Videos

Here are some videos of good Level 5 bar routines for gymnasts to check out. Continue reading

Back Handspring Series on Beam

The tumbling series requirement on beam is often problematic for gymnasts, and the most common, therefore, most problematic is the back handspring series. Continue reading

Sleep Tips for Gymnastics Competitions

Gymnasts, parents and coaches often don’t understand the negative effects that lack of sleep can mean for practice, and especially gymnastics competitions. Continue reading

What USAG Level 1 to 4 Gymnast Should Really Be Doing

While USA Gymnastics has a supposedly systematic system of training and competing gymnasts, the lower levels leave much to be desired in terms of training. Continue reading

Gymnastics Training – Injuries – Obstacles = Gymnastics Success

Gymnastics coaching is often too one dimensional and focused on training, when there are other negative factors limiting gymnastics success. Continue reading