Improve Your Team’s Competition Performance

Most coaches do not track their team and gymnasts statistically, so they never know exactly what will give them the best individual and team medal count. Continue reading

The Problem with Perfectionism

Perfect performances are certainly and idea to strive for, but it can be counter-productive to believe it is achievable and must be achieved. Continue reading

What is Hypnosis and How Can It Cure Gymnastics and Tumbling Fear?

Fear is caused by the subconsious and must be cured in the subconsious and hypnosis is an quick, effective and efficient way to do that. Continue reading

The Subconscious Controls Gymnastics and Tumbling Fear

When fear strikes gymnasts, it hits hard and superficial conscious mind solutions have little effect. The subconscious is both the cause and the solution. Continue reading

Overcome Fear

About 6% – 8% of gymnasts at invitational gymnastics meets exhibit some type of altered behavior because of fear. Here are tips to overcome gymnastics fear. Continue reading

Extreme Gymnastics Gym Makeover

Gym owners pay for a lot of expensive space and equipment, but too often they spend no money on making their gym look like it is a great facility for kids. Continue reading