Level 5 Beam Routine Videos

Here are some Level 5 beam videos so gymnasts can see some good examples of beam routines at their level and get an idea of what they should be doing. Continue reading

The 8 C’s of Motivation

Coaches and parents should be doing more than just complaining about their gymnast’s lack of motivation. Here are 8 ways coaches can improve motivation. Continue reading

Level 5 FX Routine Videos

Here are some good examples of Level 5 compulsory floor exercise routines that can give Level 5 gymnasts a standard to measure themselves against. Continue reading

Bloody Rips and Grip Pictures

Rips are badges of honor and a fact of life in the sport of gymnastics. Here are some pictures of some “good rips.” Continue reading

Teaching and Spotting Fulls

Here is some very specific advice on coaching twisting and one method of learning to spot fulls. Continue reading

Calling BS on Rampant Use of Keywords

Often pop gymnastics sport psychology fails to recognize that all physical actions are run by the subconscious and conscious mind actions just interfere. Continue reading