Lefty – A Gymnastics Movie about Carol Johnston

“Lefty” is the inspirational TV documentary about Carol Johnston who was born with only one arm, but became a gymnastics champion and inspiration to all. Continue reading

US National Team Elite Gym Stats

A very small number of gyms and coaches are producing ALL of the Olympians, World Championship team members, Elites, and National Team gymnasts in the USA. Continue reading

Science Shows Gymnastics is the Most Difficult Sport in the World

ESPN had a show that showed how difficult the sport of gymnastics really is and compared it to some other less intense sports. Tell us something we don’t know. Continue reading

A Gymnastics Champion Who Happens to be Deaf and Blind in One Eye

Aimee Walker Pond is an amazing, inspirational gymnast who has won college and international Elite competitions in spite of being deaf and blind in one eye. Continue reading

To Spot or Not to Spot, That is the Question

While all good coaches should be able to spot, when necessary, it is a matter of fine judgement when it is best to spot and when it is not. Continue reading

The Positive Reinforcement Power of Ringing a Bell

Many gyms and coaches are unaware of the tremendous power of positive coaching and the positive effect it can have on learning, work habits and motivation. Continue reading