Kylee Botterman Full Twisting Double Layout Photo

Photo animation of Kylee Botterman doing full twisting double layout bar dismount. Continue reading

Definition: Ring Jump

Definition: Ring Jump Ring jumps and ring leaps are done on both the floor and beam. Gymnasts jump off both feet, lift their legs into a 180 degree or more split, but also put their head back and arch their … Continue reading

McKayla Maroney 3 and 1/2 Twist Photo Animation

Photo animation of McKayla Maroney doing 3 & 1/2 Twist opening tumbling pass on floor. Continue reading

Russian Gymnasts.Net – the official sites of the Russian gymnasts – link

A rich web site resource (still work in progress) on the members of the Russian national team. Continue reading

Strength for Cartwheels

Ask The Gymnastics Coach Subject: Strength for Cartwheels Sex: female Well, basically my question was in regards to my daughter’s Strength. She’s a Level 2 – 7yo training 9hrs, doing Great in what she trains, but has recently voiced her … Continue reading

McKayla Maroney Doing Amanar Vault Photo Animation

Photo animation of McKayla Maroney doing Amanar (2&1/2 twisting Yurchneko) vault. Continue reading