Maria Filatova

Two time Russian Olympic champion, Maria Filatova, is battling bureaucracy to regain her official passport status and be able to travel and return home. Continue reading

Gymnast Pickup Lines

There is nothing better than gymnastics humor for, and from, gymnasts. This is a collection of gymnast pickup lines tweeted on Valentine’s Day 2012. Continue reading

Today’s Most Amazing Athletes are Not Gymnasts

Where does gymnastics really stand in terms of “extreme sports” and have gymnastics federations been masking the decline of higher levels of the sport? Continue reading

Gymnast Who Witnessed History – Hitler Refusing to Shake Jesse Owens’ Hand

Gymnast, Hildegard Fraser, who witnessed Hitler refusing to shake Jesse Owens’ hand at 1936 Games to take part in second Olympics in 2012 torch ceremony .
Continue reading

Is Your Gymnastics Website a Web FAIL!

We understand that most gymnastics gym owners are not full-time computer techs, and most gymnastics websites are technically inferior but some just FAIL. Continue reading

Are Gymnasts Wimps Compared to Parkour FreeRunners?

Gymnasts used to be the daredevils of the world and the epitome of ROV (Risk, Originality and Virtuosity). How can gymnastics get back its reputation? Continue reading