Does It Make Sense to Perfect Only the Minimum Skills for the Level?

Too many parents (and coaches) are not focused enough on preparing for their gymnast’s long-term career and are only concerned with winning present level. Continue reading

A Path Guaranteed to Burn Out a Talented Preschool Gymnast

It seems that every generation of young coaches has to learn the hard way that too much, too soon will burn out talented young gymnasts every time. Continue reading

Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It (MIOBI) returns with new gymnastics drama on the way to trying to train, qualify, compete and win at the Olympics. Continue reading

Interesting FaceBook Conversation on Rip Questions

Gymnasts talk about how to make rips heal faster whether and and how to cover them in the shower. Continue reading

Just One of the Requirements to be a Gymnast’s Boyfriend

This is a photo of just one of the many requirements gymnasts have that their boyfriends must live up to. Continue reading

Blood and Grips

Gymnast’s hands rip and bleed and the blood gets on their grips. If they don’t want blood on their grips, here are some possible ways to remove the blood. Continue reading