Gymnastics Movie “Perfect Body” Music Video Trailer

A music video trailer for the gymnastics movie “Perfect Body” done on the ranger Revolution channel of YouTube. Continue reading

Perfect Body – A Gymnastics Movie

Watch this whole 1997 American drama film starring Amy Jo Johnson as Andie, a gymnast told she needs to lose weight if she hopes to reach the Olympics. Continue reading

How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Do Gymnastics

Subject: Gymnastics Sex: female Age: 13 Gymnastics Level: 4 Okay, so I used to do gymnastics, but my parents made me quit when I got to level four. I can still do lots of things, but I don’t have any … Continue reading

Definition: Tap Swing

Tap Swing: Tap swing refers to hollow-arch-hollow swing gymnasts do in giant swings. The purpose of the tap swing in women’s gymnastics developed from the need to avoid the low bar during giant swings. It has evolved as a way … Continue reading

FREE Video Analysis Software for Gymnastics. Goodbye Dartfish?

Gymnastics, gymnasts and coaches can greatly benefit from the use of a video analysis software program and now you can a quality analysis program for free. Continue reading

Aliya Mustafina

The video history and biography of Aliya Mustafina, including some early videos as well as recent video. Continue reading