Definition: Melissanidis 2

Melissanidis 2: A Yurchenko vaulting skill in which the gymnast performs a round-off entry onto the vault table and after blocking off the vault table, rotates a double back somersault in pike. It is essentially a triple somersault vault, with … Continue reading

Definition: Triple Twisting Handspring Front Vault (with demonstration video)

Triple Twisting Front Layout – The vault is a front handspring somersault vault with three twists done in a layout position. That adds up to a double layout somersaulting vault with three twists. The FIG rating of the vault for … Continue reading

Definition: Triple Twisting Yurchenko (with demonstration video)

The triple twisting Yurchenko vault has not yet been performed in International competition (as of April 2012) by a woman. The YouTube channel TheGymSavant has edited two vaults of McKayla Maroney and put them together to show what the vault … Continue reading

Definition: Mustafina on Vault (with demonstration video)

Mustafina – The Mustafina vault, first performed by Russian gymnast, Aliya Mustafina, is a round-off, half-on front handspring entry vault with a front layout with a full twist off. That adds up to a 1&1/2 twisting double layout vault. The … Continue reading

Think You Have Drama in Your Gym? LOL – Click to add drama!

Don’t even think you have drama in your gym. Think so. Click and add way more drama. ROFLOL and LMAO! Now that’s funny. I don’t care who you are. Continue reading

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