Gym Stars Gymnastics Book Series by Jane Lawes

Author Jane Lawes has created a whole new series – Gym Stars – of gymnastics books for young gymnasts, which should prove popular reading. Continue reading

Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas complete bio, photographs, awards, videos, routine videos and links to her social media, news articles and blog articles. Continue reading

Definition: Ono

Ono: An Ono is a bar skill consisting of a front giant done in an L-grip with a full-twisting pirouette done on one arm on bars with the initiation of 1/1 pirouette done before the handstand phase. It may be … Continue reading

Definition: Kaboom

Kaboom: A kaboom is a trampoline skill, where gymnasts land either in essentially a back drop to back somersault or a front drop to front somersault, but perform a delayed tapping/bouncing action with their legs/feet that creates rotation into a … Continue reading

What Can A Business Plan Do for a Gym Business?

There are, at least, six benefits for any gym from a quality business plan. 1. Set Goals and Priorities Nor everyone’s reasons for going into and staying in business are the same. Each gym owner must carefully choose where they … Continue reading

You Might Be a Gymnast If Tweets

My new gymnastics Twitter hashtag – #UMightBeAGymnastIf – Comment to add more of your own creations! Continue reading