Inconsistent Coaching Equals Inconsistent Gymnasts

Gymnastics coaches cannot be “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” coaches because gymnasts are watching and learn as much from watching coaches as from what they say. Continue reading

Every Coach Knows Gymnastics is 90% Mental, But Most Do Nothing

Coaches know better, or should, than to ignore or do minimal mental training and to not utilize what are the most effective mental training techniques. Continue reading

The Awesome Responsibilities and Opportunities of Coaching

Words matter & even a single positive or negative statement spoken by a coach can have incredible power & effect on a gymnast’s entire life. Choose wisely! Continue reading

Almost All Sports Psychologists Have Positive Affirmations Wrong

Positive affirmations are often a tool prescribed for improving confidence and success in athletes. The problem is that many don’t understand their use. Continue reading

I Have Concerns About Coach’s Approach to Training

Many parents have concerns about their coach’s approach to training and often rightly so. But parent’s often are not sure about what are the right methods. Continue reading

Sign Petition to Allow Chellsie Memmel to Compete at Nationals

Sign the petition to allow Chelsie Memmels to compete at Nationals and not be abruptly and arbitrarily denied her shot at the 2012 Olympics. Continue reading